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welcome to block 5 of your trainer internship program! this block is 1 week in length.


The goal of block 5 is for you to learn:

  • This is a complete segment on planning, organizing, and executing classes

  • how to prepare for classes

  • how to organize your class for each workout at every studio

  • how to organize for the flow of each workout

  • how to stagger members for an organized workout

  • proper “etiquette” in executing classes


How to prepare for your class:

  • Look at the workout the day before your class

  • Make sure you understand the format and know all of the movements. Use the technique videos to support

  • Look at your class roster, look at how many people are in class

    • This will determine how to split up your classes

    • Check this for new clients to be aware of as well

  • Have an idea of how you will set up your class to support the number of clients and the workout

How to organize your classes:

  • set up equipment in a fashion that makes the workout flow throughout the studio

    • If possible, make the flow go in a clock-wise or counter clock-wise flow so clients avoid running into each other

  • set up equipment so that it is clean and organized in lines or formats, that is doesn’t look like it’s just thrown together

How to execute your classes:

  • Introduce yourself, go through the intro and clearly explain the format and follow by demonstrating the movement techniques

    • Avoid at all cost looking at the screen over and over, use it as a guide at most

  • Have a warm up planned prior, know how to split the warm up into groups based on the size of the class

  • Split up the clients into even groups based off your planning, be sure to clearly state where they go and they must stay in this group as you transition

    • For example, to keep the stations not crowded on strength circuit days you can place 5 people in each station at the 7 movements for a total of 35 people without being overcrowded

  • Staggering in your classes

    • For example, in a class of 30 people with a workout of intervals of :30 at 2 movements where one movement is ski and the second movement is push ups, you will stagger this section with 5 people starting on the ski and 5 starting on the push ups even if the programming states a different order


  • before class, the intstructor should make sure they have a timer set up for the class format. 

    • Options include: 

    • Gym boss

    • phone interval timer


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Learn How to wash & Fold sweat towels

  • after each class, trainers take thier class’s towels to wash/dry/fold to ensure studios keep towels stocked for each class

  • To wash towels by putting 1/2 loads, max 30 towels per load in the washer with detergent

  • Dry towels by placing towels in dryer, small loads and dry for 60-90 minutes ensuring you empty the lint trap each time

  • fold dry towels by folding the long sweat towel in half, then folding it in half once again and stacking clean folded towels in an organized stack for storage