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welcome to block 4 of your trainer internship program! this block is 3 weeks in length.


The goal of block 4 is for the intern to start leading classes from start to finish with the supervision of trainer.

  • Intern Has developed a consistent schedule of shadowing / coaching Sweat classes and is building a rapport with clients.

  • Intern Has created a direct line of contact with at least one of Sweat’s trainers for questions pertaining to movements and shadowing.


lead 10 Classes with trainer supervision

Intern will lead 10 classes while striving to enhance coaching skills

  • Intern engages with individuals and entire class to effectively motivate with high intensity and positive energy.

  • Intern ensures complete form corrections are made, positive reinforcement is given, utilizes appropriate playlist of choice on a consistent class by class basis.

  • intern Continues to lead demos and warm-ups (with confidence).

  • Study movements prior to class, prepared to thoroughly explain movements using technical terms while demonstrating them to active class.

  • Interns should note the amount of time it takes them to complete the workout overview and movement standards with the goal of completing them within 8 minutes after the start of the class.

  • Descriptions are clear, concise and show the knowledge and leadership of the intern.

  • intern works to enhance their understanding of SWEAT’s scaling and modifications requirements for each movement.

  • intern utilizes knowledge to organize each class set up to be clean, clear of clutter, and efficient for clients to navigate. Intern works directly with leadership to learn the dos and don’ts of different class set ups.

The final Fitness Assessment

Goal:  To determine the growth and continued areas of opportunity in intern's physical fitness and readiness to complete movements as part of the Trainer’s Internship Program. complete this assessment with a trainer.

Trainer Name You're Completing Assessment With?
Trainer Name You're Completing Assessment With?
Can intern complete a full range squat? *
Can intern complete a full range push up? *
Can intern complete a :60 plank hold? *
Can intern complete proper rowing technique? *

Mind Body Overview & promotional opportunities

  • intern learns how to navigate sweats Class menu and checking clients in

  • intern completes a mock Retail P.O.S. transactions and tendering

  • learn how to Creat New Client accounts via mind body app

  • learn how to share unique promotional code for new clients and contacts of intern

    • trainers may use the code sweatwithme for all new clients to try sweat free

    • Instruct clients to sign up via SWEAT website

trainer uniform policy

  • White sweat logo top (provided)

  • Black athletic bottoms (not provided)

  • black or white athletic shoes (not provided)

  • trainers must wear uniforms at all times during training classes

I have read and agree to the SWEAT Uniform Policy *