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welcome to block 1 of your trainer internship! This block is 3 weeks in length.


Block 1 is designed for intern to gain full understanding of:

  • The sweat culture

  • weekly workout structure

  • workout formats

  • sweat’s operational organization

  • daily workout routine as an intern

  • Movement Standards & Articulation

  • Making the overall SWEAT Experience

  • building Motivational Endurance

To initiate and prepare the intern for the completion of the SWEAT internship program, please submit the following:


To understand our culture, weekly workout format, and class structures, Complete 8 different classes and submit here once you’ve completed all 8. take a variety of classes (AM, PM, weekend, and different trainers). introduce yourself to each trainer prior to taking their classes.

For each class observe the following:

  • Trainers introduction into their classes

  • Movement standards & trainers articulation

  • Music selection and flow

  • Different programming each day, formats, and structures

  • How the trainers organizes their class and studio

  • The overall experience of the class

  • How the trainer cools class down and ends