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welcome to block 1 of your trainer internship! This block is 3 weeks in length.


Block 1 is designed for intern to gain full understanding of:

  • The sweat culture

  • weekly workout structure

  • workout formats

  • sweat’s operational organization

  • daily workout routine as an intern

  • Movement Standards & Articulation

  • Making the overall SWEAT Experience

  • building Motivational Endurance

To initiate and prepare the intern for the completion of the SWEAT internship program, please submit the following:

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To understand our culture, weekly workout format, and class structures, Complete 8 different classes and submit here once you’ve completed all 8. take a variety of classes (AM, PM, weekend, and different trainers). introduce yourself to each trainer prior to taking their classes.

For each class observe the following:

  • Trainers introduction into their classes

  • Movement standards & trainers articulation

  • Music selection and flow

  • Different programming each day, formats, and structures

  • How the trainers organizes their class and studio

  • The overall experience of the class

  • How the trainer cools class down and ends

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client’s class check in process

Each class clients take, they must sign up online or via the app and check in for each class at the studio. Clients must check in to avoid a no-show fee and secure their spot. Trainers reserve the right to give their spot up 5 minutes before the start of class should the client not be in attendance.

Trainers support clients checking in through the studio’s self check-in kiosk or wall iPad. As a director of the class, ensure you are present and visible to all clients and directing them to check in.

The self check-in is essential to the flow and efficiency of the class. For clients to check in, they must select the check in box next to their name to fully check in. Once complete, they can enter the studio for class.

Trainers also have the option to check clients in via the back end app on their phones. This option can be used anytime to quickly check clients in if the check in line should become long.

Learn the trainer’s portal

Similar to your intern portal, our company use a trainer portal to communicate important items and a hub for all things a trainer needs during their time with us. this includes:

  • Programming

  • Benefits

  • Policies and procedures

  • Training and development resources

Take a moment and log into the trainer portal here now and review the portal to be in the know on where and what you can find answers to during your internship and post internship career.