internship program step 1: complete the following PREREQUISITES

As you know, time is value! The cost of your Internship Program is $400 and covers our time investment into you! Please pay the Internship Program Fee below!


We need to see where your fitness level is at the beginning of your program. This will help us determine where and what time we need to invest in your personal fitness! If you can’t do a full range squat to standard, we can’t have you teaching! But don’t sweat it, we will help you in all areas! click the link below and complete your fitness assessment.


We require all trainers and inters to have a valid personal training or group fitness certification. Submit your certification document or id via the link below. Don’t have a certification, we allow all interns to continue the internship program without a finished certification as long as the intern can prove they are enrolled in an accredited program and can provide an estimated date of certification. If this is your case, please notify us here.


You are now an employee (or contractor based on which state your home studio is in) and we must input your personal information into our benefits and payroll system. Please submit your current ID or drivers license number with expiration and issuing state AND your valid social security number. This information will be held private.


as we welcome you to the #fitfam, send us your headshot against one of the black or white picture walls we have in our studios! We will use this to announce and promote you via our social platforms!


Send us your desired username and password to login into our class sign up and reservation software. You will find links to this on the main page of the Internship Program!


Send us a one paragraph personal bio for client facing information posted to our class sign up and reservation systems. Keep it simply, energetic, and 100% you!


during your 3 month internship program you are not compensated by the company. You are given a fully comped unlimited membership to all classes at all studios. you do not have to sign up for classes, you may simply notify the instructor that you will be attending if he or she has available spots in their classes.

Once you’ve completed your internship, you will be paid either monthly (between the 10th-14th) or bi-weekly.

to stay up to date on all promotions, news, and events be sure to sign up to receive email notifications via your login account.


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