Membership Exchange Program Contract

We’re exciting to have you part of our team of crew members as well as our fitness community! Below are the requirements you have agreed on prior to joining SWEAT Chicago, Inc’s (“SWEAT”)Membership Exchange Program!

Membership Exchange Program Agreements

  • You agree to work 2 4-hour shifts per calendar 30 days or 1 8-hour weekend shift per calendar 30 days

  • Calendar days are the 1st of each month though the last day of each month

  • Agree to work shifts in exchange for a free ($0), unlimited membership at any SWEAT Chicago, Inc studio location

  • You agree and understand that you are not paid a salary or any compensation outside of the a free, unlimited monthly membership

  • Agree to sign into classes using the promotional code SWEATCREW18 through SWEAT’s website,

    • Promocode for SWEAT Experience Crew is SWEATCREW18 to reserve your free classes! Ensure you select 1 Class each time! Our 12 hour cancellation policy applies to you as well. This is to protect SWEAT and our spots for classes. Failure to cancel 12 hours in advance or no show will result in $10 fee!

  • Agree to provide SWEAT with appropriate availability for each months shifts by the 15th of each month for the following months schedule

    • All request offs must be input by the 15th of the month. Final schedule out by the 25th of each month.

  • Agrees to work with SWEAT to schedule shifts each month, and if the occasion arises that you need to cancel or call off  you’ll communicate to SWEAT prior

    • SWEAT Experience Crew are responsible for getting a shift covered if needed by swaping shifts.

  • Agree to inform SWEAT with a 14 day advance of termination of Membership Exchange Program

  • Acknowledge that this agreement can be terminated by SWEAT at any time with or without notice

  • Agrees to not disclose any client information including contact information, payment details, and other personal information

  • Attire is athletic black bottoms, athletic white tops, and black or white shoes (converse chucks preffered)

  • SWEAT Experience Crew receives 50% off all retail merchandise

  • Avoid eating while checking in classes, before and or after

Please review the above thoroughly and submit below.

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