Name *
Date *
Open shipment boxes and put all new supplies away *
Wash, dry, and fold all towels between each class *
Restock All Retail & Beverages *
Complete All High Dusting including celling tiles, duct work, piping, lights, and vents *
Clean all mirrors in studios and locker rooms, leave no streaks *
Clean all equipment, between classes as well, in studios *
Clean locker room showers, scrub them and clean hair at bottom *
Clean toilets, scrub in and around the base *
Restock all locker room supplies including toilet paper, shower supplies, and Kleenex *
Wipe all counter tops, dust if needed in locker rooms *
Sweep and mop locker room floors *
Wipe down doors and door frames *
Empty all trash containers and take to dumpsters *
Clean equipment storage racks and under *
Vacuum and mop studio floors, get under equipment on floors and behind all machines *
Clean out dryers for lint, wipe down if needed *
Clean and organize back laundry and cleaning rooms *