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By Paul Michael Rahn

I know we’ve all heard those quotes about how haters are gonna hate. The ones that say, “don’t hate the player hate the game”. Powerful sayings about how those who aren’t playing the game are the first to throw shade at you when they’ll never choose to compete in the game and EARN their success.

I could go on for days and drop some serious shade on my own haters (who I actually LOVE and give major credit to my hustle game today!). Without your haters, is it possible to be successful?!

In today’s society no matter what your profession is you can expect that at some point throughout your journey you will experience the rush of judgement, potentially the wrath of someone’s direct shade for numerous reasons.

I’ve been there, I've researched it, and I have direct actions and support you can use to overcome dealing haters who judge your hustle game and to ensure you don’t get knocked out!

Here me out:

  1. Brent Brown says it BEST: there’s a million people sitting in the cheap seats, ones who have never stepped into the arena to play who stand ready to judge those who dare greatly. That my friends is part of the game. Accept it now, or don’t and spend major energy dwelling on it and loose precious time hustling for the dream.

  2. The game (your business or life) is your game and no one else’s. If it wins, you’ve won. If you fail, you’ve failed. It’s not because someone threw you some obstacles. You choose to game plan, problem solve, and get to your goal. Or you choose not to. Your success is not defined by someone else’s actions. Read that again. Your success is not defined by someone’s else’s ACTIONS.

  3. Speaking of haters, there’s value in what they say and do. Some people may actually validate some choice or decision you made. It might be a bad one, you might have made an error, etc. While it’s not the highlight of your day, it’s feedback and feedback in my opinion is priceless and overlooked. Has someone told you that you aren’t doing well? Have they said your business is bad? Have people said they don’t trust you? If any of those are yes, problem solve those and see why. Once you find the root cause, is there anything you could have done differently to get another outcome? Change it!

  4. Change...change is a necessity in today’s life and business world. Without change, you’re behind and can expect to say behind. One thing many haters have in common is the inability to accept that you’ve changed, or your business has evolved. Negate that by speaking your truth. Share your face with the world and share with them your RAW journey. Take those people with you, inject them in your changed journey or business path. Sometimes, haters just need to be educated and you’re the best teacher.

  5. Remember that saying “kill them with kindness”?! Let me tell you, there’s nothing sweeter than smiling and welcoming those people who hated on you, who’ve thrown you so much shade, into your realm of success and sharing your true raw happiness and health, proving that their attempts to weigh you down had ZERO weight on you. In fact, it powered you through. Remember, positive actions in the midst of challenge change peoples minds and actions far more than continuing the negative energy already in the situation. So take its energy away, and you just might win over a hater. If not, let go and live on! #next