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welcome to block 3 of your trainer internship program! this block is 3 weeks in length.


The goal of block 3 is to bring consistency to each class the intern is shadowing, to build on coaching skills, to build engagement with clients and community.

  • Intern to shadow 10 classes while working under the supervision of a trainer to layer in microphone time in class.

  • Intern to lead warm ups AND will now create the warm up for each classes they shadow.

  • Intern to demonstrate workout overview and articulate movement standards on the microphone under the supervision of a trainer in their shadowing classes.

  • intern continues to demonstrate class intros, works in microphone time throughout shadowing classes, and completes cool down stretches.

  • intern continues to take as many sweat classes as possible outside their shadowing schedule.


Shadow 10 Classes

Study movements prior to class, prepared to thoroughly explain movements using technical terms while demonstrating them to active class.

Interns should plan to shadow at NON peak times.

Interns should note the amount of time it takes them to complete the workout overview and movement standards with the goal of completing them within 8 minutes after the start of the class.

Descriptions are clear, concise and show the knowledge and leadership of the intern.

Intern to run 4 - 8 minute microphone segments during shadowing classes

This is to be done ½ to ¾ way through class, clearly organized with trainer who’s class intern is shadowing.

Intern will focus on technical ques, energy and motivation ques, executing program structure throughout segment, and continue perfecting level and tone of voice while on microphone.

Motivational qualities and verbiage during class are on point, land well and have positive energy that leads the class.  

intern drives energy to resonate through the room and engage with class.

Music Policies & Procedures

Goal: The goal of music policies and procedures is for the prospective trainer to create a personalized music experience for each of their classes.  

Create Your Sound

  • Make a playlist tailored to each stage of your client’s experiences.  The playlist should guide your class through a series of segments, and sets the tone of the class from start to finish

    • Tailor the class to the time of day - morning classes should be extra upbeat to energize the class.

    • Evening classes should get people pumped for the workout after a long day of work

    • Playlists should entail a warm up, move into the arc of the class, and finish with either a heroic or soulful crescendo  

    • Make sure you are happy with all of your songs, it distracts the class when you have to skip through songs in the middle of their workout

  • Find your Inspiration

    • Follow DJs on Facebook and Soundcloud for music inspiration

    • Listen to the trending songs on Spotify, Itunes, and other music lists

    • Look for anything with a good beat, that includes ‘oldies but goodies’ from the 70s, 80s, & 90s.

    • Mix and match the decades of music to create an explosive playlist

    • MOST importantly, choose songs that pump YOU up, the more excited you are during class the more motivating you will be

  • Resources

    • Spotify

    • Soundcloud

    • Pandora

    • Itunes

    • Fit Radio

  • Ask for Feedback

    • Music can have such an impact on the workout experience, getting clients involved in the playlist creation is a great way to build community and loyalty

  • Speaker & Volume Policy

    • Each studio’s speaker system connects your phone or mobile device via bluetooth. each system has preset volume controls on the main speaker box. do not adjust any volumes on the speaker system or microphone. you may adjust your phone or mobile device volume as you see fit.

    • To connect to our bluetooth system, change the system from aux to bluetooth on the main speaker box and select “bluetooth” from your phone’s bluetooth device.

I have read and agree to SWEAT Music Policies *

The SWEAT Experience

  • New Clients First Impressions

    • We want every single person who walks through the doors of SWEAT to feel welcome and comfortable and that starts with YOU.

      • Say hi and introduce yourself to new clients at the doorway into the studio

      • Explain to them where everything is in the gym and what gym equipment they will need.

      • Ask them if they have any injuries or any questions about class

  • Get to know the SWEAT Community

    • One of the best things about SWEAT is our amazing community and we want you to get to know the names of people who regularly attend your classes

    • use our check in app on your phone to learn new clients names ahead of your classes

    • Greet people as they come in, stand at the entry point and shake hands and wecome clients

      • Help the desk check them in

      • Saying hi is a great way to get to know them better and learn their names while standing in the doorway into the studio