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Welcome to block 2 of your trainer internship program! this block is 3 weeks in length.


The goal of Block 2 is for the intern to shadow classes with a sweat trainer to develop skill sets for learning movement standards, leading warm ups, motivating individuals, and gaining knowledge and confidence.

In this block you will

  • shadow 10 classes with as many trainers possible

  • Learn class introduction best practices

  • Learn programming and movement standards

  • Observe how each trainer organizes and structures

  • work in mic operations and practice with leading class warm ups


shadow 10 classes

Intern is to communicate to the scheduled Trainer via email 3 days prior of scheduled class to inform of intent to shadow and informs trainer

  • One-on-one interaction: Intern shadows scheduled instructor’s class while interacting with clients individually before, during, and after class. intern directs clients during workout and assists with form improvement / correction.

  • Excitement and motivation while shadowing: Intern is able to individually motivate clients by projecting voice without the mic and shows their ability to motivate and inspire clients during shadowing classes.

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is key to establishing yourself as a unique, fitness professional.  Tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more can help you engage your clients outside the studio AND help you promote your individual classes to begin building your following to increase your class sizes.

Tips for successful social media engagement:

  • Plan your content ahead with a content calendar

  • Stay consistent to your brand

  • Know relevant hashtags to drive engagement and followers

  • Offer to take photos with your classes at the appropriate times

  • Utilize mirrors, change up shots with decals or studio signs

  • Know the best locations for photos, lighting, the props, and how to make it fun!

Do you have active social media accounts and willing to post and advertise your SWEAT classes? *

Learn the foundation movements to our program

Select each foundation movement below to develop the proper form technique to our most basic movements that lay the ground work for all movements we complete in our programming. Complete each additional quiz after the technique video is complete.

Microphone time!

Individual time should be scheduled during this block to enter the studio and learn the microphone operations and practicing talking with it on.

  • learn instructions for turning the MICROPHONE on and operating

  • Practice using the microphone while instructing your own workouts alone or with a trainer present

  • learn and enhance voice control over microphone

intern will lead 4 warm ups in class (these are 4 additional shadowing classes)