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What happens if someone is injured in my class?

  • Step One: Check in with the injured client to measure the seriousness of the injury

    • Do they need a modification? Able to finish class?

    • Do they need additional attention? Do you need to call for emergency professionals?

  • Step Two:

    • If able to finish class with a modification, keep a close eye on injured client and continue to check in with them

    • If additional attention is needed, please utilize your resources around you to get help, calling 911 if needed

      • At this time, make a judgement call if you need to pause class to ensure client is safely escorted to professional help in our waiting areas.

    • Fill out the Incident Report Form online HERE

  • Step Three

    • Please notify staff HERE so we may appropriate follow up with the client after

Tips on knowing where to send clients with injuries

If a client expresses concern of injury in your class, there are a few options we have to recommend for each client. It is not our responsibility nor can we diagnose a client or prescribe a form of treatment. We can recommend a few options for clients to seek professional treatment for an injury sustained either in or out of our studios.

Here are a few options to recommend:

  • In all cases, verbally tell clients we highly recommend seeking professional support from their doctor prior to any additional activity

  • If a client is seeking your recommendation for any of the following, you may recommend your personal preference for each:

    • Issues with joint pain - seek a doctor immediately

    • Issues with mobility, tight hamstrings, shoulder soreness in rotations, etc - seek a licensed or certified mobility specialist or sports recovery doctor

    • Issues with hips, unable to squat properly - seek a doctor immediately

    • Issues with lower back pain, sharp shooting pains during exercise - seek a licensed or certified sports recovery doctor or therapist

    • Soreness or tightness of muscles, especially during workouts - seek certified mobility specialist or a deep stretch yoga or mobility class