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Name *
Date of Shift *
Date of Shift
Lights, WIFI, TV Screens Turned On: *
Walk through studio & locker rooms, check for organization, stocked, and clean: *
Open shipment boxes and put all new supplies away: *
Submit an inventory count (found under "Inventory Count" below): *
Do towels EVERY class, fold and restock: *
Restock all retail and beverages as needed: *
Wipe down counters, sinks, and refill toilet paper, clean mirrors (with microfiber towels), restock kleenex: *
Vacuum and mop locker room floors: *
Using large duster, dust vents, window sills, ceiling ducts, retail shelving, and ceiling corners: *
Organize all equipment in studio & wipe down with cleaner (after the last class): *
Vacuum entire studio (after last class): *
Mop entire studio (use water w/ splash of vinegar): *
Take all trash out:
Plug in all electronics in proper storage area, turn lights off, lock doors and lock box: *

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