franchising - Initial questionnaire

We want to get to know you and see if you’re a great fit to franchise one of our studios in your own location and experience the joy of business ownership and bringing the foundation of fitness to a new community as we aim to build better humans!

This questionnaire will support us in understanding what you envision for your franchise and the resources you will need and require to open one. Based off your responses we will better direct the initial conversation around what steps are necessary to launch your first franchise location!

As we say in class, 3…2…1….GO!

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Are you a current SWEAT member or have you been to a studio previously? *
How many classes have you been to at one of our studios? *
Do you plan to fully operate and manage day to day operations of your franchise? *
Do you desire / plan to become an instructor at your own franchise? *
Can you self-fund approximately $250,000 currently? *
Are you currently connected to a commercial real estate broker or have contacts to one in your desired franchise location? *
Do you have a commercial General Contractor or Company in the desired franchise location that you desire to use? *
Do you currently have a contract attorney or general practice attorney? *

Thank you for your response. All response are held private and secured. Your responses will not be share with any individual or company outside our own and shared only with necessary personnel directly involved with your franchising efforts. Questions regarding this form, please email attention Paul to