4-Week Fitness Programming

4-Week Fitness Programming

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We specialize in programming, that’s our jam! While we offer in-studio classes and training sessions, we offer an online version of our programming to support individuals aiming to take their fitness and wellness further towards their goals.

Our 4-week program is designed for you to do anywhere you have access to equipment. You will need access to the following:

  • Cardio equipment such as treadmills, rowers, or ski ergs

  • Dumbbells, med balls, kettle bells, barbells, and resistance bands. If you do not have access to one of these, don’t fret we can offer you modifications!

  • A gym, home gym, or office gym (or even a beach works too!)

Your 4-week fitness program will include 7 workouts per week, each day with its own workout focus. Workouts are a combination of our popular high intensity strength training workouts, cardio driven workouts, and strength only sessions. 

The program includes links to our online technique guide for your reference to all of our movements.

Programming is sent directly to your email associated with your order. Once purchased, it is yours to keep and can be reused at any time. Our programming changes on the 1st of each month and is never reused. We strive to off you variety in formats, movements, and more to avoid burnout and keep you motivated!