Really though, what is a SWEAT class?

We know stepping out of your comfort zone is HARD, and to do it by walking into a new gym can be one of the most intimidating things. We know that stepping out of your comfort zone is HARD, and walking into a new gym can be one of the most intimidating experiences, especially when the word on the street is that our workouts are challenging! We are here to tell you (because we are real people going through the same challenge of being/staying fit) that it can be done. SWEAT classes are 60 minute high intensity training classes that combine strength training and cardiovascular training in a group fitness setting. Our program utilizes a wide variety of formats so it's never the same workout and our programming is designed to work different muscle groups each day. Our classes are mainly focused on strength training yet we inject treadmill, rower, and body weight work to get you shredded with cardio. Our trainers motivate you through each class showing you the movements and ensuring you rock it safely. We don't do olympic lifting but we have every piece of equipment to get you looking and feeling your best!


What is H.I.T.?

High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) is one of the best ways to shred body fat, sculpt lean muscle, and help you maintain it!  H.I.T. is combining blasts of high energy sets with short rest breaks (let's be real we don't really rest at SWEAT!) through a series of different movements.  At SWEAT, we've taken this popular concept and have improved it to ensure it's the BEST workout for you. We vary the format of each workout, each day.  Some days you will work in intervals of :45 work/:15 rest, some days it's 10 minute intervals with :30 rest breaks, and so on depending on the day and the focus.  You NEVER just run (because running for 30 minutes is boring, right?!) and we always stay moving to keep your heart rate up.  Never done H.I.T. before? It's ok, while we admit it is intense, at SWEAT you do you.  You will never be called out or even looked at if you stop for an extra second or two to catch your breath!


What are the benefits of H.I.T.?

You will burn more calories than you average cardio class or run, twice as many to be exact (keep in mind it varies based on the weights you lift and your intensity level).  You'll shed body fat, tone and define your muscles, and improve your overall endurance.  Some other awesome benefits - look and feel better, sleep deeper and longer, and continue to burn calories for hours after classes keeping you energized throughout your day!


When you say strength training, what do you mean?

When we say we utilize strength training, we mean it.  In your SWEAT classes you will use dumbbells, kettles, bars, and more to build lean muscle.  You choose your weights in any movement we do.  If you want to get ripped and build bigger biceps (DUDES), you grab the big boy weights.


Am I going to get HUGE?

That depends on how you define huge!  If you are pounding three protein shakes a day and lifting the heaviest weights we have...yes, yes you will.  But girls, no girl has ever gotten bulky from taking SWEAT classes.  Guys, if a trainer comes up to you and gives you heavier weights...just lift them.  


Why do some of your days list specific muscle groups?

Our programming is designed to focus on each muscle group and each portion of an overall fitness program by the week.  We do this so you can choose which day of the week you want to come based of what your goals are.  Our weekly schedule is:

Monday - Arms & Core

Tuesday - Total Body Tabata

Wednesday - Butt & Legs

Thursday - Total Body Strength Circuit

Friday - Cardio & Core

Saturday & Sunday - Total Body Strength 

For best results, come 3-5 days a week ensuring you hit each major focus day (M/W/F).  


What should I expect at my first class?

Your first class is special and we will be energized to have you join us!  We know it can be intimidating which is why our trainers and staff will be there to guide you to complete your classes with us! Expect to be greeted and checked in at our front desk.  Our staff will guide you to the changing rooms, show you where towels and water are, and introduce you to your trainer!  Our trainers will take you through SWEAT 101 and tell you what equipment you need and where to go!


What do I do when I get there?

When you get in the studio, check in at the front desk. We will know you are new but introduce yourself and let us know how excited you are to get sweaty!  Once checked it, drop your belongings in the changing rooms. Our changing rooms feature Digilock lockers for your things.  Once you've settled in head to the studio and meet your trainer.  Our trainers will guide you to what you need and where to go. Be sure to inform the staff of any injuries you have and if you need any modifications BEFORE the class begins. When the class begins your trainer will take your class through the workout structure and show you the movement techniques of each movement you'll do in class. They will guide you through a warm up before amping up the music and getting you SUPER sweaty! Are you ready?


Is there a beginners class?

There is not a class designed for beginners as each of class can be scaled and modified to fit your fitness level no matter what your background in fitness is.


What should I bring?

Bring running or training shoes along with athletic gear. We suggest bringing water but also have it for sale in the studio. Other than that, just bring your "I'm ready to whoop a$$" attitude!


Can I exercise while pregnant?

Yes, of course! And we encourage you to exercise while you are pregnant...as long as you don't have any contraindications for working out and you have your doctor's approval. Exercising while you are pregnant can help you maintain a healthy pregnancy weight, have an easier labor/delivery AND help you recover faster. The best part about SWEAT is that we can modify every part of the workout to YOUR exercise needs and intensity. So, just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean you need to avoid the high intensity exercise classes at SWEAT.  

Things to avoid in class:

Second Trimester: 

-Twisting movements and oblique crunches 

-Movements where you are on your back for longer than a few minutes

-Exercises where your arms remain over your head. ie. Overhead Squats/Overhead Lunges

Third trimester:

-Same as 2nd Trimester

-Down Dog Position (this can cause the baby to flip)

Most importantly, you should not do anything you are uncomfortable doing. Whether that means it feels uncomfortable or you are nervous doing the exercise.


Cancellation Policy

You must cancel your reservations 12 hours in advance. If you cancel late or no show you will be charged $10 and lose your class. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you know you are canceling late or cannot attend please release your reservation online (or the app) to those on the waitlist. This policy includes switching class times after the 12 hours has passed.


What if I'm late to class?

If you know you are running late you MUST call your studio to inform them. If you do not call we will hold your space up to 2 minutes before class begins before we release your spot to those waiting to get in. Again, no exceptions. We close the studio doors 10 minutes after class starts. If you arrive 10 minutes past the start of class, entry will be prohibited.


Cell Phone Policy

No cell phones in the studio.  You may leave your phone with our desk staff if you are awaiting a call and be informed.


show your trainers Respect

While the trainer is talking and showing the class the movements and workout structure it is important you listen and don't talk or cause disruptions to the class.  If you miss this you will not know what's going on in class.


Borrowing Equipment

There may be times when you are in circuits and may use equipment when someone is not using it.  Please be respectful and wipe equipment off if you leave it covered in sweat.


What do i eat Before Class?

Eat something that gives you energy 30-60 minutes before class. Avoid a large meal before a class. We sell energy bars and drinks for pre-workout consumption.


what do i eat After Class?

Load up on protein and water after class, immediately! Protein is going to help you tone and define your muscles and water will help ease the soreness we promise you'll be feeling tomorrow! We sell both water and protein, along with healthy shakes to help your post-workout needs.



Yes, as long as you can walk and wave at us, we can get you sweaty. If you have an injury you should always consult with your doctor prior to engaging in any physical activity, especially SWEAT. Be sure to inform us of your injury and we will make modifications as needed.  


how often should i workout?

Our members will say coming 5 days a week will get you in the best shape you've ever been. We recommend doing SWEAT classes 3-5 days a week. The first few weeks will be challenging but your body will both 1) begin building muscle memory and 2) reward you. Remember, it never gets easier you just get better.