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Name *
Date of Shift *
Date of Shift
Clean front windows and doors *
Clean entry way, vacuum all rugs, stair cases, and hallways *
Dust all retail shelving *
Dust all base boards through entire space, wipe off if needed *
Wipe down refrigerators, dust on top, clean handles *
Wipe down all mirrors in studio *
Dust vents and ceilings in studios and hallways, and bathrooms *
Wipe down treadmills, rowers, and skis *
Clean all weights and racks *
Vacuum under treadmills, rowers, and skis *
Vacuum entire studio *
Dust studio walls and base boards *
Clean corners of walls and behind all equipment and storage racks *
Mop studio, mop under and around treadmill, mop in front of treadmills *
Vacuum all turf *
Wipe down water fountains: *
Dust and clean walls in locker rooms *
Clean sinks and counter in locker rooms *
Scrub showers, wash shoer curtains if mold forms in washer, scrub all parts of shower *
Fill Toiletries in locker rooms *
Clean and scrub toilets and urinals in locker rooms *
Clean stalls walls and doors in locker rooms *
Wipe down benches *
Wipe and dust lockers *
Mop all floors in locker rooms *
Dust all cubbies in hallways *
Spot clean or wipe down dirty walls in entire space *
Clean washer and dryers off, vacuum vents in dryers out *
Clean and organize back storage areas *
Wash, dry, and roll all towels and place in front or in storage area *
Restock water in fridges *
Clean out vacuum, clean the vacuum heads of hair and debris *
Take all trash out from all locker rooms, studios, and in back
Place iPad on charge, relook all doors before you leave *